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Hello, and welcome to the home page of dvd3000. Here you'll find many pages revolving around retro tech, computers, television, archives, text files & stories, pretty much things that I've added to my site over the years.

Site updates with new pages or something else usually once a week, more or less. For new things, check the updates below or check in on one of my sections or sub-sites.


01/10/21 - A new Photos page to share some photos of computers, places and whatever.
12/30/20 - Updated The Adobe Flash Archives, new look, jump to category.
12/09/20 - Updated budget archives, dec 9 news + photos gallery.
12/09/20 - Refreshed the Links list, and new picture for the Computers Page.
12/03/20 - Updated budget archives, more news + new unlabeled tapes page.
11/29/20 - Updated the Computers Page again!
11/19/20 - Added a page on my Pentium 150 DOS Machine!
11/12/20 - Finally, the Classic Theme on Windows 10!

- Previous Updates


My main interest for my entire life. Most pages here are computer-related, mostly of the old variety.
Home to the "famous" Classic Windows Wallpaper, and many other pages.

- My Computer Pages

VHS and TV

For the past few years, I've been collecting old VHS tapes from various places, and uploading them on my YouTube channel "back" that I like to call "budget archives". I find these old clips interesting, and I know they're nostalgic for some people.

- Budget Archives


Links to those little hidden gems across the internet. Pretty much anything I find interesting enough to go in the links page goes there. It's a shame that the average links page now is "guys check out my instagram!!!"

- My Links


Sub-Sites are my smaller pages that aren't really my main interests, from dumb quotes, to video games.

- Off Topic Pages, All the pages that don't fit into a category
- Photo Collection, Where I put photos I've taken of computers, places and whatever.
- Classic Windows Wallpaper, Finally, The original files from Win3x to XP!
- Minecraft Stuff, A small amount of Minecraft related pages
- Dumb Quotes, A collection of things I have heard
- Unorganized MIDI Index, A lot of MIDIs to listen to
- Stories (aka Text Files), Text files that are not stories to any extent
- Bracket, an index of files, hosted mostly for other people.
- The space for my stuff, a secondary website hosting larger files and mirrors.

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