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why don't you try making your own website?

Back in 2014, I was still frustrated with the bloat of websites and lack of creative freedom in the web, so I ditched social media and made my own website... and I never looked back.

8 years later and counting, as one individual, this site has grown to over 500 hand written HTML pages on everything that I've wanted to share with the web.

Welcome to the home page of dvd3000. This is where you'll find everything I have to share on the net, with my pages on computers and retro tech, television, archives, textfiles, photos and just all the stuff that I've added over the years. To get around, pick a topic on the left sidebar or from the navigation index.

Being my home, there's new site updates usually once a week, more or less. For new things, check the updates below or check in on one of the site sections. If you want to be notified when new pages are added, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed!

If you're looking for a cool community to host your own site with, come join the aftersleep collective and create your own home on the net.

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07/27/22 New albums: Fun with SSTV and 2 color bitmaps
03/29/22 New album: Spring Cleaning 2022 - this year's treasures!
12/05/21 New page on a motherboard not detecting keyboards.
08/12/21 Updated and filled out Specs & Parts page.
05/20/21 Updated the photos page.
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Latest Post: 05/04/22 - "the neverending quest" - website

...to finally find a decent layout for the homepage of dvd3000.ca :/

Personal websites have been around since the beginning of the internet, and some people (people who might want freedom of speech and expression online) continue to run and create new personal sites...keep reading

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Latest Photo: 03/29/22
category: outside - photo: 0

Pic that I took outside before we extremely pruned the maples at the top of the bank. Also seen the ugly horrendeous hedge is no longer there as they were all painstakingly removed by me.
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