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Updated Aug 16, 2021
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Classic Windows Wallpaper
04-28-21 - Original, unmodified wallpapers from previous Windows versions

The Adobe Flash Archives
12-30-20 - An archive of previous versions of Adobe and Macromedia Flash to help keep those games and toons alive in this post-Flash world.

Computer Stuff - 11/12/20

Ms Paint Windows 98 Version
Progman.exe Icons
Pifmgr.dll Icons
Windows & other useful Boot Floppies
IDE CD-ROM Driver for DOS/Win3x

Tips& Resources
Batch File Graphics
Activating Windows XP after EOL
Connect to Internet through another PC
Setting up an FTP server for transferring files
Restoring Windows 98 Registry Manually
Unofficial GTInstall usage page
SCT: Classic Theme on Windows 10

VB6 Internet Browser
Floppy Disk Calculator (online)
My Old Visual Basic Programs

Dell Dimension 3000 Front Panel Removal
A Collection of my Ugly Tech Hacks

Canon Starwriter "C" Clip Art
Windows 3.1 in DOSBox
Fonts Disk!

I know it's been a while, but seriously, expect some updates from the site in the future. I've finally started to build up my "pages to make and update" list enough that I feel like working on some of it!

Also as seen in the photo above was a fun project. You either think it's cool, or a crime against retro computing, but I seriously don't get why so many people in the retrotech community are such purists about their retro machines, always obsessing over it being perfect, 10000% period accurate, and completely stock in functionality and looks. Nah man, not for me. Forget all that. I can mod my computers as much as I want.

And also, the machine was painted gray by the previous owner, and the paint was coming off and getting everywhere, so it was becoming annoying anyways and needed to be repainted, so I thought, why not make it "unique"? hahahha!!!

Aug 16, 2021

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My Computers - Listings in gray coming soon (hopefully).
Screenshots From My Computers
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My Room CRT Television Setup

Website Stuff - 05/31/20

Test page: FP95, FP 2003, Expression Web, Word 2k
DerekWare HTML Author
This sites 404 page, cause why not

Retro Battlestations pages - 08/13/21

Most recent additions: Updated Saturdays / Last updated Aug 13 '21!

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05/03/21: A very well done optical mod!: Logitech mouse from 1985 converted to optical...

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