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This is my page of links to places on the internet. Some listings here are a bit outdated, and there are some sites that really should be on here but aren't for some reason. Oh well.

Updated Apr 10, 2021

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  • WinFiles - Files from the WINFILES.COM CD-ROM
  • Old Apps - An archive of previous versions of popular programs
  • Windows 3.1 Files - Many programs and utilities for Windows 3.1 users
  • Dark Corner BBS - DOS-Win31 era BBS archive, programs, music, code etc
  • WinSite March 1996 - Mirror of WinSite Mar 96
  • Windows95 December 1996 - Mirror of Windows95.com Dec 96
  • cd.textfiles.com directory - The massive archive of software compilations on CD-ROM
  • IBM Gopher - DOS era Gopher archive
  • EKN Midi's - A lot of MIDI files to listen to
  • Windows 6 Disk - Windows 3.1-95 era software, files etc
  • Cave BBS - The Cave BBS archive, dos, win31, amiga etc
  • Misc

  • wttr.in weather - a simple text based page with up to date local weather listings
  • 68k news - Google News formatted in basic HTML (for old browsers)
  • FrogFind - An HTML 2.0 Compliant search engine, parses pages down to basic text
  • Just for fun!!

  • Windows Gone Bad - Windows breaking in spectacular ways
  • Abandoned Sites - This is a curiosity generator... (spoilers)
  • zz Cat's home page - A seemingly totally innocent webpage
  • Computer Stupidities - The best tales from tech support (from rinkworks.com)
  • Fake Update - Pull a funny on your friends with this one
  • SF FogCam (fogcam lives!) - The longest running live webcam!
  • Neal.fun - Let's bring back the fun internet
  • Stuff I Chopped - bring me anything and I'll chop it
  • Computer/Tech Resources etc

  • Wayback Machine - Thank you to archive.org preserving the web as we know it
  • The 386 Experience - Resources, downloads and info for older DOS machines
  • GifCities - The GeoCities GIF search engine. A masterpeice of HTML
  • 95 Is Alive - Downloads, resources and info on good ol' Windows 95
  • Deja Vu - A historic page on the history of the early web
  • Lynx Web Buttons - 88x31 buttons for showing off your compatibility with text browser
  • Cuter Counter - A free web counter (like the one on my homepage)
  • 404PageFound! - A list of some very old websites that are still around
  • Lynx Web Browser - A textmode web browser. No images, scripts or eye candy. TEXT!
  • Mozilla/Firefox Resources - For the objectivley superior browser
  • retrohax.net blog - Amazing tech restorations and projects from retrohax.
  • DOS GAME CLUB - A monthly podcast talking about DOS games.
  • The Impulse Project - A podcast talking about and listening to retro computer gen music
  • Planet PB - Resources and info on frog era Packard Bell systems
  • The Red Hill Guide - A look back at hardware history from a early 90s computer shop.
  • you get signal Network Tools - useful online network related utilities
  • Razorback - An infrastructure for old computers in modern day. Pay this site a visit, it's great.
  • Flashing Cursor - DOS and Windows resources and utilities
  • Hirens Useful DOS Files - many useful DOS utilities and drivers from hiren.info
  • OlderGeeks.com - hard to find drivers, useful files, antivirus tools, and some humor pages.
  • Floodgap Systems - Computer research, software, services, archives and services
  • Retro Roadshow - Retro Roadshow, now hosted from a real NEXT workstation!
  • Floodgap's Gopher Server - Keeping Gopher alive -- files, links, news, pages...
  • CW Cyrix - A huge archive of rare files, mirrors and computer related documents
  • How to bake a motherboard - informative page on reviving computer parts in the oven
  • Matthieu Benoit electrical engineering - EE and computer hardware resources
  • Jerry Ching - A huge software archive and personal pages
  • otvdm - Installer for OTVDM, run 16bit apps in 64bit Windows
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth - easily report broken links on any page
  • Dependency Injection - an interesting blog on the topic of CPUs
  • Personal Sites

  • Neocities - A revival of GeoCities for you to carve out your own site from raw HTML
  • Brad Greco - Useful utilities, programs and stuff. It's a personal site what can I say?
  • Music Curios And More - Some interesting music, MIDIs etc.
  • Toasty Tech - Computers and very strong opinions. Home of the GUI Gallery and IE is EVIL
  • Platypus Comix - Comics and a monthly article usually on television or something pop culture
  • Fluffy's World Art and stories by Fluffy
  • Merelene's Home Page A very 90s site, featuring Java examples and GIFs
  • Martyn's Home Page - A variety, including DIY, adventures, and obliterating AOL CDs
  • A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge Just a classic personal page. Art, games, links, text files, yeah!!
  • Amby's Directory of Resources Web development resources... and animals!
  • justin's links - Known to the internet as one of the first blogs ever.
  • factsfacts.com Potpourri A bunch of stuff. DIY work, photography, animals.
  • BENO UK lifts, trains, buildings, explorations/urbex and some games!
  • billwurtz - billwurtz
  • The hoary ape - text, photos and irritating buttons
  • LCTN Humor Pages - Lots of text files that were shared around for a good laugh
  • RinkWorks Entertainment - Various commuity submitted pages, stories ect, monthly games.
  • hxper.tk - A classic home page with a simple design. Thanks for linking!
  • Zohan Gzz - Archives of old programs and ads, text files, photos, a blog and more...
  • Edward Mendelson - Computer related pages, emulation, utilities, etc + personal
  • Discussion

  • rbxcity.com Off Topic
  • craigslist forums
  • Comics or similar

  • Homestar Runner
  • The Fuzzy Princess
  • Zulu!
  • Puddlemunch
  • they can talk
  • What I Learned Today
  • Count Your Sheep
  • Kid Radd
  • Meat Comic
  • Brixiety

  • Previous Featured Links

    01/22/21: billwurtz.com - here comes the sun - the return of bill. these songs are seriously so motivational :)
    01/21/21: farting.tech - farting.tech - why does this exist?
    11/18/20: razorback95.com - Net Survival Advice - an interesting page about surviving the modern internet, and cutting some aspects of it out of your life.
    10/31/20: homestarrunner.com - Ween 2020 Silhouettes - Another Halloween toon from Homestar Runner!
    minuszerodegrees.net - eBay Lingo - Note when buying on eBay... :D
    magliery.com - Country Song Generator - Have fun with this!
    toastytech.com - Windows 8 - The rant on why Windows 8 is a steaming pile of garbage, from Nathan's Toasty Tech page.


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