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anything you want me to see, you think needs attention, whatever question you wanna ask me, or if you just want to talk about something, you can always send me an email!

~> kat (at) aftersleep (dot) org  <~

if you're gonna send me something, I always reply. I usually check my email inbox(es) in the morning so yea I'll get back to you.
if you wanna talk about something, maybe you can talk about it on aftersleep or the IRC. I'm usually online there around noon or 3pm PST time zone.
is email dead?
i've fallen into a habit of not paying as much attention to my email anymore. when i look in there all there is to see is companies sending me ads and promotions, random spam for products and scams, annoying messages from social medias that I've linked my email to, not to mention all of the 2step verification emails sitting there cause the internet is insane

nobody these days asks for your email anymore. people my age ask for snapchat or instagram, your boss will text your phone to get a hold of you (calling must also be dead)- when was the last time you even had a real conversation on email?

but yes, I check my email (and set up spam filters)... so send me something if you feel like it
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also, if you haven't already
consider deleting your twitter and making your own website


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dvd3000 is just another netizen yelling into the void

this is my website! and where I've been collecting my internet happenings off and on since 2014.

just come on in and make yourself at home, and don't mind the mess..

New Video! The Bt878 Analog Capture Device - 12/25/22

New Photos! New Garage Photos! - 04/03/23

New Comix! Find the Coleslaw Eater - 06/10/22

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