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dvd3000.ca has been collecting since jul 28, 2014
there are currently 565 pages

this page is an aid to help sift through the over 500 pages on my site. this page is just a general overview of each section. if what you're looking for isn't here, click on one of the section titles to view everything in that section
These are the main pages of the site. If you came here looking for something, it's probably somewhere in one of these.

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computers /tek

television /tv

photos /pix
dvd3000's photos, pix of places, tech, other stuff & some writeups computers - home - outside - other
albums - my room - thrift store finds - the garage - fun with sstv - spring cleaning 2019 - spring cleaning 2022

text files /txt

myself /vida
just dvd3000's stuff, personal junk, writeups, stuff that I like and do
who are you - this site
bookshelf - another day - dream log - i think

comix /comix
the comics from when I was little, to the drawings I try to make now
drawy - some of my newer drawings
kix - my right is your left - pccomic - bonus! - extras!
pages - dvd3000 fanart - illegal operation - multiuser drawing - 3d artz - interesting things - the daily tattletale - html video

games /games

junk /ot

~ more from dvd3000.ca ~
i save save save my money - cheapskate
dreaming goes far beyond your imagination
i've made a choice, i'm using macbooks
instead of pop shit, you should drink water
it came from the thrift store
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