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this is a website
This site is my home on the internet, a naturally raised, home grown. For the past 7 years, I've been writing, adding, and putting up everything that I've wanted to share with the internet spread across the 300+ hand written pages across my site.

well who are you?

I'm dvd3000. I'm really just another guy tinkering around with whatever hardware and software I can get my hands on, even though I don't play a lot of games. I can thank my grandma's old computer junk for my interest in this...

I highly believe in archival and perservation.. since 2018 I've been digitizing my VHS tapes and uploading some cool stuff and writing about television. My ever growing data archive is on my personal 8tb server and I've put up some archives online like the Windows Wallpaper Collection and the Adobe Flash Player Archive

Other stuff I do on the side, I have some photos to share and talk about, I have a blog if you care enough, and more writings and textfiles, and I draw stuff but it's not that good.

Yes, I have friends, and we made some stuff and talk a lot. Some of my friends are from school, most are online here. Some of them are on the forum. The forum is pretty quiet right now, but our chatbox is still pretty active.

why are you here?
This is the real internet. On your own site, you aren't going to be tracked, you won't be censored, and your data won't be collected and sold. You are truly free out here. Forget about unhealthy social media habits, escape the noise, learn HTML and create your own, unique personal home on the net, where you can express yourself and your creativity to the fullest potential with html and css, tweak each page exactly to your liking of how you want to represent yourself. I started my site on free hosting 8 years ago and never looked back. This is where I am on the internet.

I look at the state of the internet today and know we can do better.

- 05/23/20
Due to the size of my site, and the way I use it, I am on paid hosting now from canspace, a very reasonably priced domain registrar and web host! (not sponsored, I just like them)
"you should win an award for least consistent site design"
i should and id be proud of it

I started this whole thing back in 2014 kicking around on the computer when I noticed you could save a Word Document as HTML. I used MS Word as a(n awful) WYSIWYG editor until 2017. After that, I started writing my own HTML.

When I started the site I just write and write, anything I found interesting I put out there. Eventually I start to get links here, like minded people come around, I get emails, we link to each other. I say the links keep the internet together.. Eventually I get around, people ask me other things, people ask for face reveal, other stuff like that- in my view, it's not about me, it's about what I put out there.

Why don't you get out there and create your own site?

If you wanna place to chat and host ur site, in 2022 I set up an online phpbb commmunity at www.aftersleep.org (SSL required). Just make an account and come chat! aftersleep home (non-SSL)

related stuff
Over time, this site has grown further than I ever expected it to. You can find almost anything on this site by going through one of the links on my navigation page or the sitemap. (around 2020 I broke the link mess into sections so you can hopefully find anything)

In 2022 I fixed the site structure and added better navigation bars to all pages.

Wanna talk to me? You can always send me an email! Or you can talk about it on the forum! The forum has a relativley active chatroom
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my email with kugee from razorback95
who is dvd3000?
a history of this site's logos.
a crappy timeline of this site's "history".
what does PowerDVD3000 mean?
a list of browsers that I have tested this site on.

For this site, I'd like to thank (in no particular order):
000webhost, Neocities and CanSpace Solutions, for hosting, and phpBB for the workings of our community.

Kugee (Razorback95), UserPenalties, Dule74 (DynamicDule), SearchParties, Zohan Gzz, ConeHeadCH, FadedDucky and IntelStellar. (list will be expanded later) for all being my friends on the net in the past, or the present.

And thanks to my Dad, for helping to support the site, and for always being there for me and believing in me.

More thanks to Joshua, Kevin the Salmon King, Ben, Lukas and Matthew.

And thanks to you, for reading my site.

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the links keep the internet together
also, if you haven't already, consider deleting your twitter and making your own website


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