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Main Pages

- Home Page, The home page of dvd3000.ca, where you can get to all pages
- Computers, Pages on computers new and old. Overviews, tutorials, reviews, files...
- Television, My VHS archives project, talking about digitizing, archiving and sharing.
- Links, pretty self explanitory. Here's some pages that I thought you might want to check out

Sub Sites

Sub-sites are my smaller pages that aren't really big enough to be a section on the home page.

- Off Topic Pages, All the pages that don't fit into a category
- Photo Collection, Where I put photos I've taken of computers, places and whatever.
- Classic Windows Wallpaper, Finally, The original files from Win3x to XP!
- Minecraft Stuff, A small amount of Minecraft related pages
- Dumb Quotes, A collection of things I have heard
- Unorganized MIDI Index, A lot of MIDIs to listen to
- Stories (aka Text Files), Text files that are not stories to any extent
- Bracket, an index of files, hosted mostly for other people.
- The space for my stuff, a secondary website hosting larger files and mirrors.

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