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Updated Jun 4, 2022
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Classic Windows Wallpaper
01-31-22 - Original, unmodified wallpapers from previous Windows versions

The Adobe Flash Archives
05-26-22 - An archive of previous versions of Adobe and Macromedia Flash to help keep those games and toons alive in this post-Flash world.

Computer Stuff - 12/05/21

MS Paint Classic Edition
Progman.exe Icons
Pifmgr.dll Icons
Boot Floppies (Windows, DOS, Utils)
IDE CD-ROM Driver for DOS/Win3x
MyPal Starterpack, addons, themes, more!

Tips & Resources
Batch File Graphics
Activating Windows XP after EOL
Connect to Internet through another PC
Setting up an FTP server for transferring files
Restoring Windows 98 Registry Manually
Unofficial GTInstall usage page
SCT: Classic Theme on Windows 10
The Mid-2010 Macbook Upgrade Guide
Finding and Downloading stuff
Programs that I use (useful utilities!)

VB6 Internet Browser
Floppy Disk Calculator (online)
My Old Visual Basic Programs

Dell Dimension 3000 Front Panel Removal
A Collection of my Ugly Tech Hacks
Seemingly dead keyboard connector FIX

Canon Starwriter "C" Clip Art
Windows 3.1 in DOSBox
The Fonts Disk!
NCSA Mosaic Adventures

Our world of technology, it's constantly changing, evolving, upgrading to the next big thing that everyone just has to have...

Sometimes it's nice just to boot up an old system and enjoy it. With all the social media drama, tracking and spyware, vulnerbilities and hacks going on all the time, sometimes you need to escape the noise and relax.

Modern technology makes it seem like Windows XP is beyond obsolete, but if I can still sit down at a Windows XP system from 2003, and get any old day to day tasks done, is it really obsolete?

Other Stuff

Fun with SSTV (send pics using sound)
2 Color Bitmaps

Fun Stuff

The Messages You Never Want to See
90's PC Builder builds a modern PC
Dumb Computer Questions
A Warning to Computer Users
I think I can hear my computer think
Diary of an AOL user (textfiles)
How to use your Computer (hello?)

Website Stuff

Site Structure and Organization
Accessible Web Design
Web Design & Style Freedom

old WYSIWYG test page
DerekWare HTML Author
This sites 404 page, cause why not

My Computers

- The Main PCs
Main PC Build (Intel i7 4790k)
Secondary PC (Dell Dimension E520)
TheCraftMachine (DOS) (Pentium/166)
The Windows XP Machine (p4)
The Mid-2010 Macbook Family Reunion
The Video Capture PC (TV Wonder)

Computer Collection Overview
The Computer Junk Zone
The "Vintage" HDD Collection
Screenshots From My Computers
r/retrobattlestations posts & saves

- Datahoarding
SlowThingy MAX (8TB file server PC)
Finding and Downloading Everything

mainpc 05/29/22

My Other Stuff

How I Horribly Networked my House
ScruffyTEL: a technician's nightmare My Mp3 Player (yea, I still use one)
My Room 11/06/21
My CRT Television Setup

Tech Pickups and Finds

It came from The Thrift Store
Spring Cleaning 2019
Spring Cleaning 2022

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