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06-14-22 - Added fun with SSTV, and album it came from the thrift store!
04-12-22 - Added some more roblox stuff to the two games page!
03-29-22 - New album: Spring Cleaning 2022 - this year's treasures!.
12-05-21 - Added a new page on a motherboard not detecting keyboards.
10-14-21 - A new good-net page, the home page of the freetop, the best laptop ever made ever.
08-12-21 - Updated the Specs & Parts page with my new computers and collection stuff.
05-20-21 - Updated the Computers page and Photos.
05-13-21 - Added a new page about my Computers, featuring my new DOS Machine!
01-29-21 - Updated the Photos page with some more photos of the garage renovation.
01-10-21 - Brought back a new photos page to share some assorted photos of technology, places and just whatever.
12-30-20 - Updated The Adobe Flash Archives, new look, jump to category.
12-09-20 - Updated budget archives, dec 9 news + photos gallery.
12-09-20 - Refreshed the Links list, and new picture for the Computers Page.
12-03-20 - Updated budget archives, more news + new unlabeled tapes page.
11-29-20 - Updated the Computers Page again!
11-19-20 - Added a page on my Pentium 150 DOS Machine!
11-12-20 - Finally, the Classic Theme on Windows 10!
10-14-20 - Updated the Text Files page.
10-06-20 - Updated a bunch of stuff mostly in Personal.
09-14-20 - Added The Adobe Flash Archives, since it vanished from Adobe's website.
09-07-20 - Updated the Computers Page with a lot more stuffffff!!!
07-23-20 - Updated bad tech hacks with some questionable CPU tweaks.
07-16-20 - Added Unofficial GTInstall Usage Page, a small amount of documentation for a completely undocumented program. Will be updated later.
06-28-20 - Added Restoring the Win98 Registry Manually, after mine got completely corrupted.
12-07-19 - Added the doodles page for some of the lil' things that I get around to drawing.
11-23-19 - Added the trash can to store some junk that's been kicking around the site.
11-09-19 - Added the photos directory to store some photos I've taken.
10-28-19 - Added the old extra comics from earlier in 2018.
10-27-19 - Added/scanned in as much as I could find of the old daily comics series from 2015.
10-07-19 - New good-net, hellogamers the real homepage of random html tutorials and important thigns (good)
08-04-19 - Added some new pages such as Roblox User Search and Floppy Disk Calculator.
04-29-19 - New good-net, anticapslock.com the best way to get rid of caps lock (we hate caps lock)
04-05-19 - Added a guestbook for comments! You can sign and view it here!
03-23-19 - New page/section! The Bulletin Board! Another place for new links and announcements. Also has an archive too.
03-12-19 - Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web! Added bullets beside links on the Home Page
02-24-19 - Midtown Madness Cheats is now online again.
02-22-19 - Added Old Hotmail Emoticons
02-15-19 - Added an email link to the Home Page.
02-09-19 - Added the File Explorer as a more organized page list. Brought back "All the pages on the site" as a standard version of the File Explorer
12-13-18 - Added a page on how to connect 2 computers together with an ethernet cable for internet access.
11-08-18 - Made a page on how to open the case of a Dell Dimension 3000 because it's a bit unconventional.
07-16-18 - Made a page to download various boot floppy images for early versions of Windows that can fit and boot from a single floppy disk.
07-07-18 - Started a new comic, The PC Comic where Bob and Joe obliterate the 4th wall!
06-13-18 - Added a page for the newer TDT comics and Bonus Comix!
01-15-18 - Dirt Rhodes, a page that plays Dirt Rhodes by Kevin MacLoed because it's awesome.
12-30-17 - The full quality icons extracted from the 16-bit pifmgr.dll and progman.exe files for all to enjoy.
12-29-17 - Relased PocketNote, a small tool to open Notepad from the system tray!, As well as PocketCalc, for a system tray calculator!
12-22-17 - Added a page of what characters you need for some ASCII graphics characters. Chart was created from looking at several other batch files, so it's not complete.
12-15-17 - Released a very simple Visual Basic 6 web browser that is almost completely useless.
12-10-17 - Uploaded a download for Classic Paint from Windows 98, because I couldn't find any other downloads.
12-09-17 - Created a somewhat complete list of Cheat Codes for Midtown Madness 1.
12-09-17 - Added a list of downloads for various DLL Files that old Windows versions often complain about.
02-28-17 - Added some screenshots of old OSes and software
02-10-17 - Wrote a page about why I run a personal website instead of a social media.
01-31-17 - Created a page of downloads for all the Classic Windows Wallpaper files in high quality!
01-28-17 - Released a page about a historic overview of many Windows releases.
12-18-16 - Started an archive of the Latest News section of the home page.
12-13-16 - Created a list of every page on my website organised in categories on one page.
10-16-16 - Added a page about my computer and its specs
08-30-16 - Added a links page for cool and useful websites.
06-13-16 - Added the funny page for a collection of jokes and humor things :)
04-28-16 - Wrote a list of every Garfield And Friends episode ever aired in Ep X Season format.
04-18-16 - Made a downloads page for easy access to the files for download here.
04-08-16 - Added a page for my YouTube channel and my videos.
03-25-16 - Added an about page for an introduction to the website.
01-22-16 - Joke page -- loading forever.
01-04-16 - Added links to my favourite YouTube channels!
03-26-15 - First ever post on the brand new Random News forum!
08-02-14 - Added a page for pictures of my computers and operating systems.
07-30-14 - Added a page on tips and tricks for Windows XP, Vista and 7.
07-29-14 - Created this website.
01-01-00 - y2k or whatever
01-01-70 - the beginning of time

this is not exactly a complete list of updates as until recently updates were not documented so I relied on archives and backups to recreate the list
some old pages are gone, but some links are fixed
of course, not ALL updates are listed. only bigger updates like new pages/significant page changes
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