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CWW was last updated Apr 2, 2022: Updated the Extras page!

This page has the original, unmodified Wallpaper files from Windows Versions 3.1 - XP up for download in their purest form, straight from real comptuers running old Windows versions.

I created this page back in 2017 because I was frustrated and almost confused that I was not able to find downloads for the original desktop backgrounds from Windows 95 etc, and figured that I'd create this page to provide downloads for anyone else who wants to tile their desktop with some retro goodness!

Just click on one of the links above for the OS that you want, and you can download the ZIP folder on each page for the original high quality BMPs.

The Extras page has files from other Windows versions, including Windows Betas (under construction), OEM Wallpapers, Screensavers, some Macintosh stuff, and a page on how to create wallpaper files for use on your retro PCs!

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