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Hello, and welcome to the home page of dvd3000. Here you'll find many pages revolving around retro tech, computers, television, archives, text files & stories, pretty much things that I've added to my site over the years.

Site updates with new pages or something else usually once a week, more or less. For new things, check the updates below or check in on one of my sections or sub-sites. If you want to be notified when new pages are added, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed!

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05/20/21 - Updated the Computers page and Photos.
05/13/21 - Added a new page about my Computers, featuring my new DOS Machine!
01/29/21 - Updated the Photos page with some more photos of the garage renovation.
01/10/21 - A new Photos page to share some photos of computers, places and whatever.
12/30/20 - Updated The Adobe Flash Archives, new look, jump to category.
12/09/20 - Updated budget archives, dec 9 news + photos gallery.
12/09/20 - Refreshed the Links list, and new picture for the Computers Page.
12/03/20 - Updated budget archives, more news + new unlabeled tapes page.
11/29/20 - Updated the Computers Page again!
11/19/20 - Added a page on my Pentium 150 DOS Machine!
11/12/20 - Finally, the Classic Theme on Windows 10!

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Latest post: 04/10/21

[PINNED] 03/06/21 - Where I've been -- new pages coming soon

I'm probably going to go out and dig through the thrift store again. I heard about Free Geek Vancouver from someone online, and looking it up, I'm gonna have to give that place a shot for finding some slightly outdated computer junk like this. The Coquitlam Value Village doesn't seem to stock computers anymore, after some guy kept coming around and breaking the CPU coolers off the boards and stealing the CPUs out of every computer he could get his grubby hands on, so my biggest place to find computers isn't gonna work for me anymore.


Latest photo: 03/11/21

This machine was mostly parted out, but I threw some parts back in there to get it running. Video card is the Radeon 9250 because why not, string tied to the case to hold the hard disk IN the floppy drive bay so that the IDE cable could reach the optical drive, random memory modules = 1.5gb, IDE and Molex strung through the front, with a CD case taped to the drive bay as insulating material. BEAUTY.
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My main interest for my entire life. Most pages here are computer-related, mostly of the old variety.
Home to the "famous" Classic Windows Wallpaper, and many other pages.

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VHS and TV

For the past few years, I've been collecting old VHS tapes from various places, and uploading them on my YouTube channel "back" that I like to call "budget archives". I find these old clips interesting, and I know they're nostalgic for some people.

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Links to those little hidden gems across the internet. Pretty much anything I find interesting enough to go in the links page goes there. It's a shame that the average links page now is "guys check out my instagram!!!"

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Sub-Sites are my smaller pages that aren't really my main interests, from dumb quotes, to video games.

- Off Topic Pages, All the pages that don't fit into a category
- Photo Collection, Where I put photos I've taken of computers, places and whatever.
- Classic Windows Wallpaper, Finally, The original files from Win3x to XP!
- Minecraft Stuff, A small amount of Minecraft related pages
- Dumb Quotes, A collection of things I have heard
- Unorganized MIDI Index, A lot of MIDIs to listen to
- Stories (aka Text Files), Text files that are not stories to any extent
- Bracket, an index of files, hosted mostly for other people.
- The space for my stuff, a secondary website hosting larger files and mirrors.

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