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My site is going through a major update right now, so please excuse the broken links and images while I get things working. I know you're all tired of "under construction" badges, but the site really is under construciton right now. Yeah.

Hello, and welcome to the home page of dvd3000. Here you'll find many pages revolving around retro tech, computers, television, archives, text files & stories, pretty much things that I've added to my site over the years.

Site updates with new pages or something else usually once a week, more or less. For new things, check the updates below or check in on one of my sections or sub-sites. If you want to be notified when new pages are added, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed!
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NEW 12/05/21 Computers Added a new page on a motherboard not detecting keyboards.
08/16/21 Computers Organized the page a bit + a new announcement.
08/12/21 Computers Updated and filled out Specs & Parts page.
05/20/21 Photos Updated the photos page.
05/13/21 Computers Added a new page about my new DOS Machine!
01/29/21 Photos Added some more photos of the garage renovation.
01/10/21 Photos New photo page for my pictures of computers, places and stuff.
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Latest Post: 01/01/22 - website - life

And just like that, 2021 is gone, and I hardly knew it. A lot of people I talk to don't care about the New Years. They always go like "what, it's just another year, like who cares? LOL" OKAY, you call ME boring and depressing, why don't YOU cheer up.

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Latest Photo: 06/17/21 - computers

Here's how my ASi 486 is looking now as well! It's all complete except for the whole HDD deal. That's the original drive that was in the machine when I got it hooked up right now. I have another 1.6gb drive that I'm gonna try in here as well. I like having this machine running on a real HDD instead of CF (at least for now)

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Computers 01/19/22 Many computer related pages, files and resources.
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Other Junk 03/03/21 Just random pages that don't really have a section to be in.
Wallpapers 08/17/21 Home of The Original Classic Windows Wallpaper archive
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Blog 01/01/22 DiscBlog, what dvd3000's up to. Web, local, life ect.
Comix 01/19/22 All of my older comics, and some of my new art.
Minecraft 01/18/21 A couple of Minecraft related pages.
Good Net 10/06/21 A collection of joke websites I made with my friends.
Quotes 12/22/21 The best source of daily inspirational quotes. (not really)
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Bracket 05/24/21 An index of files, hosted mostly for other people.
Stuff Space 12/30/20 A secondary website hosting larger files and mirrors.
my YouTube 10/23/21 Just random clips that I felt the need to upload.

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